Pickle BucketTM brings the joy of pickleball to the beach or your backyard.
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Pickle BucketTM is a game for all ages that can be enjoyed anywhere: your backyard, at the park, or on the beach! Pickle BucketTM is played with the official bucket, durable slip-resistant quick set-up pieces, a pickleball, and well constructed wooden pickleball paddles. Set your game up in an open space at least twenty feet in length and nine feet in width. Pickle BucketTM is designed for two teams of two, but can be played with just two or three players as well. Gather friends or family members and go play!
Pickleball players often want to improve their game play, but aren't willing to drill. Pickle BucketTM makes practicing fun while drilling volley skills, soft game skills and footwork. As an IPTPA pickleball instructor, I teach my pickleball players to communicate and this game is perfect for teaching that! You will find yourself saying "Leave it!", "Help it!", and other short sayings to effectively communicate to make your team the "team to beat" on the block.
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Pickle BucketTM was created by Jesse Simon, a pickleball player and coach, in the summer of 2022 while on vacation. Without a court nearby, the game was developed as a way of propagating the obsession for pickleball through skill-building shots. Pickle BucketTM was tested on family members of all ages while vacationing with extended family in rural Wisconsin. When the kids asked to play over and over again and the adults didn't hesitate to join in, it was apparent that the game had become a "hit." The game was fine tuned with pickleball players as well and has become a training aid for volley skills, soft game skills, footwork, and communication.

  • Twelve time US Open pickleball champion Dave Weinbach says Pickle BucketTM is "Very fun!"

  • YardgamesworldTM says Pickle BucketTM is "Easy to set up! Fun to play!"

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Our buckets are proudly made in the USA.

All sets come with durable slip-resistant game pieces. All pieces are quality made and purposeful so the game is easy to set up and easy for new players to understand. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a one year warranty!

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