Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes Pickle BucketTM unique?
A: Unlike cornhole, Pickle BucketTM is a cooperative game where your partner can help you if your shot is not likely to score. Also, Pickle BucketTM incorporates pickleball volley skills and encourages teamwork. In addition, even if your team is down by several points, you can always force overtime by making an unassisted "lottery" shot.
Q: Why would I purchase the game if I already have a bucket?
A: The bucket is just one piece of the game set. The durable 9'' circular spot markers are labeled to help with game play and are durable and slip resistant. The boundary line and sideline buffer are durable and slip resistant as well. They are also multi-purpose as they measure the distance from the bucket to the first spot and the distance between each circular spot marker. The drawstring bag keeps your supplies together and the ball is designed to work well with the game for optimum fun!
Q: What is so special about the bucket?
A: The bucket is made in the U.S.A., is BPA free, is a thick 90 mil food grade bucket, has fun artwork on it, and has a QR code for easy access to the directions and game set-up.
Q: Why would I get the paddles if I already have my own pickleball paddles?
A: The wooden paddles that come with two of the sets are solid and durable and work well with the included ball. They also include the logo on both sides. If you take the game to the beach or on the road, you may not want to risk damaging an expensive pickleball paddle.
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